Property Valuation  


Whether you’re a portfolio owner, or an institutional investor or lender, timing is literally money in realising real estate capital appreciation. It’s critical to know precisely what a single property — or a national or international portfolio — is worth in the face of rapidly changing markets.

Our property valuation experts, certified by Hypzert GmbH, can help give you the confidence you need to act decisively and profitably, offer sophisticated, impartial real estate appraisals on residential and commercial properties ranging from villas, housing estates, retail precincts and office buildings to industrial assets and mixed-use developments.

Our valuation advice and reports can be key to financing, due diligence, risk analysis, balance sheet reporting and investment decisions (sale/buy).

Backed by international research colleagues, we look beyond present value assessments to understand market trends, competing assets and projected income.

Pinto consulting’s mission is to provide independent and accurate valuation services that are the cornerstone of the commercial property market and best property practice.

Property valuation services

  • Market valuations
  • Valuations for mortgage lending purposes
  • Expert opinion on specific aspects of properties
  • Plausibility checks of third party valuations


We offer our services in line with national guidelines, as well as internationally accepted standards (WertV, WertR, BelWertV, RICS, TEGoVA, etc.).

The methods employed are specific to the purpose of the valuation and the nature of the property, including:

  • Comparative method
  • International capitalization approach
  • International depreciated replacement cost method
  • Residual method
  • Profit method
  • Discounted cash flow technique
  • Internal rate of return
  • Capital asset pricing model

In line with internationally accepted standards