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Strengthening the Territorial Dimension of Development Policies in South East Europe

Strengthening the Territorial Dimension of Development Policies in South East Europe






Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia


April 2011 – December 2011


Pinto Consulting

Project Description

This project is one of the OECD/EC’s Regional Competitiveness Initiatives (RCI). It recognises that although significant progress has been made in recent years, more can be done to strengthen the embryonic territorial development system with the aim of assisting SEE countries to develop their territorial competitiveness. The report covers Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia. The specific objectives are:

  • Improve the understanding of the economic and social contexts of SEE countries and their territories, focusing on macroeconomic patterns and factors of attractiveness at territorial level;
  • Investigate how SEE countries have been facing the need to strengthen their development policy;
  • Support policy makers at the local level to develop policy frameworks and tools to improve capabilities for territorial development and ensure coordination between different levels of government in this field;
  • Transfer OECD best-practices in developing factors of attractiveness at a sub-national level; and
  • Facilitate exchange of knowledge on existing institutions and policies among a selection of SEE countries.
  • The OECD commissioned Pinto Consulting to perform the analysis, write a report and present the results.

Services Provided

  • Coordination of information collection
  • Desk research
  • Preparation of five country analyses
  • Preparation of draft report
  • Incorporation of feedback
  • Presentation to SEE countries