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Rural Development in Armenia

Rural Development in Armenia






June 2010 – July 2010


Pinto Consulting

Project Description

UNDP Regional Office (Bratislava) and UNDP Armenia commissioned Pinto Consulting to lead a team to design a project (programme document) dealing with rural development in an integrated manner. The goal of the five year long $5 million “Enhanced Support to Rural Development in the Tavush Region” project is to raise quality of life and the income levels in a cluster of six communities located in the Tavush marz (region). The goal is to be achieved by focusing on four aspects:

  • Upstream policy support: to the Government of Armenia to develop cooperative legislation based on international best practice and undertake awareness raising of the value of cooperatives among farmers;
  • Integrated community development: participative community development covering a cluster of 6 communities centred on the Lusadzor community in Tavush marz;
  • Enhanced rural support: focusing on issues such as cooperative development, cold storage, small scale processing, low cost demonstration projects, yield & output improvement and access to market support;
  • Labour market support: focusing on generating non-farm income, rapid re-training and start-ups support for target groups with no access to land.

Services Provided

  • Expert function.
  • Participation as Team Leader of project.
  • Discussions and information collection in Yerevan and Tavush region.
  • Stakeholder, donor, NGO, etc. meetings.
  • Preparation of detailed programme document.
  • Liaison with stakeholders and UNDP.