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National Programme for Stimulating Investment

National Programme for Stimulating Investment






January 2007 – June 2007


Pinto Consulting

Project Description

TDI commissioned two related projects to develop the Programme for Stimulating Investment (FDI) and domestic investment for the Ministry of Economy and Invest Macedonia (Investment Promotion Agency. The four year programme developed by Pinto Consulting staff covers 10 themes relating to both the investment climate and the business environment:

  • Investment policy.
  • Investment promotion and facilitation.
  • Tax policy.
  • Anti-corruption and business integrity.
  • Competition policy.
  • Trade policy.
  • Regulatory reform.
  • Human capital.
  • Corporate governance.
  • SME policy.

The Programme is based on the OECD’s Investment Reform Index and included 8 workshops involving governmental ministries and agencies, business association, foreign investors, etc.

The attraction of foreign and domestic investment is a government priority, however, the institutional environment in the country is fragmented and uncoordinated. We undertook and institutional and governance analysis of the key institutional players and presented a series of reform proposals designed to ensure greater cooperation, coordination and effectiveness in the field of governance. The recommendations were incorporated in the National Investment Promotion Strategy of the country to be prepared by the World Bank.

Services Provided

  • Determine the framework of the national programme.
  • Analysis of the problems and barriers to FDI.
  • Preparation of recommendations for inclusion in the national programme.
  • Detailed consultation process (8 working groups) to obtain feedback on draft proposals.
  • Finalisation of National Programme for Stimulating Investment for government approval.
  • Recommendations to improve the institutional environment for investment.