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Improving the National Innovation System in Kosovo

Improving the National Innovation System in Kosovo






March 2012 – February 2013


Pinto Consulting

Project Description

The OECD has commissioned Pinto Consulting to assist with a review to improve the national innovation system in Kosovo. The review will involve two phases. During Phase I, Pinto Consulting focused on quality control assistance in relation to the preparation of report covering the following elements:

  • Chapter 1: General Performance And Framework Conditions
  • Chapter 2: Innovation Actors
  • Chapter 3: Research-Industry Linkages
  • Chapter 4: Role of the Government

 During the Phase II, Pinto Consulting was commissioned by OECD to assist with the preparation of the Kosovo Innovation Strategy and Action Plan (2013-2020). This involved three main activities:

  • Presentation of the results and facilitating discussion in four innovation workshops on: the role of the government in fostering innovation, the role of academia in developing innovation, the role of the business community to increase innovation and the role of human capital in innovation development
  • Presentation and discussion of the Innovation Strategy and Action Plan at the Innovation Action Plan Forum involving the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, as well the relevant stakeholders
  • Incorporation of comments and feedback into the final Innovation Strategy and Action Plan.

 Following discussions, this was finalised by the OECD.

Services Provided

  • Participation in the fieldwork
  • Local discussions and data collection
  • Review and strengthening of the first draft.
  • Chairing the feedback workshop
  • Finalisation of the Strategy and Action Plan