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BERIS Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) Component

BERIS Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) Component


World Bank




March 2010 – December 2010



Project Description

Pinto Consulting took over the Team Leadership of a project which needed to be re-invigorated on behalf of Pohl Consulting and Associates. The project was successfully implemented during 2010 and focused on the following activities under by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy (METE):

  • Creation of a RIA system in Albania, including a revised law, guidelines, capacity building, etc.
  • Creation of an Electronic Registry covering Ministerial Orders affecting the business sector.
  • Creation of a new integrated Inspectorates Law.
  • Monitoring and information provision in the licensing reform process.

Services Provided

  • Participation as Team Leader of project.
  • Technical input for the RIA system.
  • Client management (METE and World Bank).
  • Quality control of all project reports.
  • Management of administrative/consultant team.
  • PC managed all project implementation aspects.